Cost Of Farmers Anger

Mon Apr 08 2019 14:32:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

What happens when farmers get angry? They can wreak havoc. If you are in doubt, see just see how things are panning out in Nizamabad. The angry farmers have ensured that as many as 185 nominations are filed. The turmeric and jowar farmers have filed nominations in drones.

As a result, the Election Commission is facing an arduous task  conducting the elections. With as many as 185 candidates in the fray, arranging EVMs has become a big problem. The transportation of election material is also a huge problem. The EC is forced to use choppers for the purpose.

Normally, holding elections to the Lok Sabha involves spending up to Rs 3 crore per assembly segment. But, in Nizamabad,  at least Rs 5 crore has to be spent. Thus, Rs 35 crore would be spent on conducting Nizamabad LS elections. Similarly, in the 1788 polling centres, one each of controlling unit and VVPAT machine are needed. A total of 25000 EVMs are needed. In addition to the normal four staff members, Nizamabad needs 6. Thus an additional 9000 staff members are needed.

Well! This is the cost of holding elections if the farmer is angry.