Fate of Delhi's Andhra Bhavan to be decided on April 25

Mon May 16 2022 10:45:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

What will become of the iconic Andhra Bhavan in Delhi? How will it be divided between the two successor states of the undivided Andhra Pradesh? This has been one of the outstanding issues of bifurcation. A key meeting would be held in New Delhi on May 25 to sort out the issue.

Telangana has been arguing that the land of the AP Bhavan was given to the Nizam in lieu of the  Hyderabad House, which he had given to the Central Government. Hence, the whole land of 19.73 acres of land and the buildings constructed on the land should belong to it. However, the Central Government has divided the land in a 52:48 ratio . Thus Telangana will get 8.41 acres, while the AP will get 11.32 acres.

However, the Telangana government is arguing that the whole of the complex should belong to it. The AP has given two proposals for the division of the premises, but Telangana rejected both of them.

The complex has three blocks - Godavari, Swarnamukhi and Shabari, staff quarters, nursing hostel, canteen and Pataudi House. These assets will have to be divided between the two states. The Central Government wants to expedite the division of the assets and solve all outstanding issues between the two states at the earliest. Hence a key meeting has been organised on April 25. The meeting will discuss the bifurcation of the Andhra Bhavan.