Father Nara and son Nara differ on alliance formation

Sun Jan 16 2022 18:55:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Are there differences between TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh Babu? Highly placed insider sources say that there indeed are. They say that the father and the son are holding divergent opinions on the question of political alliances. They reveal that Chandrababu has ignored his son's suggestions to go it alone in 2024.

TDP sources say that Chandrababu strongly feels that it is important to strike political alliances to win 2024 elections. It is with this end in view that he has recently spoken about one-sided love proposals with the Jana Sena. He is doing everything he can to court the Jana Sena. Similarly, he has not ignored the BJP. He is said to be using different channels to keep the conversation with the BjP going on.

However, Nara Lokesh feels equally strongly that the TDP should go it all alone without any allies. He feels that alliances would be perceived by the voters as a sign of weakness. He has been arguing that the TDP should grow in strength, build its cadres and fight alone. However, sources say that Chandrababu Naidu has overruled this and has gone ahead with the alliance plan.

TDP watchers say that the buzz around Lokesh has also come down considerably over the last few weeks. He is no longer occupying the centre-stage even in the pro-TDP media. His tours too have come down considerably.