Fearing girl child birth, pregnant woman ends life!

Fri Jan 07 2022 17:41:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

We are living in the 21st century but society still has old-school thinking and the differentiations between a girl child and a boy child are still visible. There are still people who want to welcome boy children over girl children if given a chance.

The way newly married women fear giving birth to a girl child thinking how the family receives is unimaginable. Out of fear, they often take extreme steps. A pregnant woman took such a step and ended her life which also killed the baby in her womb.

Going into details a woman tied the knot with her husband four years ago. The couple was blessed with a girl child who is three years old now. The victim was pregnant and yet to deliver the child.

Days before her delivery date, the victim feared that she might not be treated well in her house by her in-laws if she delivered the girl child one more time. Unable to cope up with the fear, she took the extreme step and took her life by hanging to the fan.

The postmortem report gave shocking news that the unborn child in her womb was a boy child contrary to her fears. The victim’s mother was still in shock that her daughter ended her life for this reason.

She had lodged a complaint with the Police against the in-laws of her daughter. The case has been registered in this regard and the investigation is underway. The Police are expected to reveal more details very soon.