Fewer Births Due To Corona Lockdown?

Sun May 17 2020 18:10:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Fear of Corona seems to be affecting the child birth too. Not only fewer babies were born in the month of March when Corona lockdown was imposed, but also there were fewer caesarian operations. This has come to light when the Union Ministry of child and women welfare released its latest report.

March this year has recorded the lowest number of births. Compared to last year, there were 43 per cent fewer births this year. According to statistics, there is a difference of 8.82 lakh births over last year. In 2019 March, the government hospitals recorded 9,71,782 births. This march, the number of births recorded is just 1.74,700. Not just that. Even the number of caesarian deliveries has also come down by a significant 46 per cent. Experts suggest that fear of corona infection has forced the doctors not to resort to caesarian births.

The number is likely to come down further in the months of April and May when the lockdown is implemented in toto. The expecting mothers too are preferring to go in natural deliveries over to caesarians are they are more prone to infections.