Film Star Political Parties Turn Out To Be Disasters

Sat May 25 2019 17:56:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Time was when film actors entering politics got tumultuous welcome and they were handed out handsome victories. But times are a changing. Not every actor or actress is getting that rousing reception. If the star joins an established party,  he or she might somehow win. But, those stars who believe that they can set up a party and win a thumping majority are ending up as huge flops.

Come to think of it. Chiru, a mega star and an icon, ruled the roost in the film world for over three decades. When he launched Praja Rajyam Party, he could not even get 10 per cent votes. What more, he was handed out a humiliating defeat by a largely –unknown woman candidate. His brother Pawan Kalyan said he would change politics and launched Jana Sena. But, he had lost from both the places he contested and his party had won just one MLA seat. The two brothers should be classic examples why stars shouldn’t enter the big bad world of politics.

Not just these, even Kamal Haasan, who launched Makkal Needi Maiyam in Tamil Nadu was shown his place. Prakash Raj, who contested independently in Bengaluru, got just about 700 votes.

But, those politicians who joined the BJP have not just won handsomely and have even been re-elected. Hema Malini, Sunny Deol, Ravi Kishan...have all won the Lok Sabha seats they contested. The lesson is everyone is not NTR and that star power is an additive factor, not the only factor that helps tilt electoral balances.