Fire Mishap Brings Focus On Fire Safety In Old Buildings Again!

Fri Mar 17 2023 11:32:09 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

One of the twin cities, Secunderabad is one of the busiest areas. Sadly, Secunderabad has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. The unfortunate events in and around Secunderabad are claiming lives. Yet again, another unfortunate incident was reported where six people are said to have passed away.

Going into details, a massive fire broke out at the Swapnalok complex in Secunderabad on Thursday night. The fire broke out on multiple floors of the complex. The Firefighters were called for the rescue and they swung into action right away without any delay. Thick smoke gripped the area due to the fire mishap.

The officials said that six people died in the mishap and the victims include women too. A few others sustained injuries and were rushed to the nearby hospital. The injured victims are undergoing treatment and it is said that their condition is fine now.

Firefighters had to work for long hours to bring the situation under control. Due to thick smoke, the rescue did not go smoothly and only after the smoke was cleared the victims were brought out. Those who were trapped in the building screamed for help. Reports say that a short circuit might be the reason behind this.

Talasani Srinivas Yadav reached the spot and oversaw the rescue operation. The fire broke out around 8 PM. Reports say that the fire might have broken out on the 7th floor initially and later spread to other floors. The pictures show the complex on a big fire.

In recent times, four such incidents happened in and around Secunderabad. A fire mishap was reported at a Timber Depot, a lodge, and Deccan Mall. In total, 28 people passed away in these incidents. Unfortunately, all these incidents happened in one year.

There are many old buildings in the twin cities and there is no information about fire safety in these structures. People talk about fire safety only when such incidents happen. Earlier, the Fire Department held a review meeting with the concerned departments as fire mishaps would happen in Summer in areas that are prone to accidents.