First Coronavirus case Confirmed in the US

Wed Jan 22 2020 10:58:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Public health officials of the U.S confirmed that the first case of Coronavirus, which is often known as China Virus appeared in China. The case appeared last month in the Wuhan region.

Till now hundreds of people were sickened and almost six people have died due to the respiratory virus in the country.

Though the US Disease Control and Prevention centers confirmed that they have found the first case of the China Virus in Washington, they are not willing to reveal the patient's name. It has been reported that the patient is kept in isolation at the Providence Regional Medical Center in Washington.

Herman Goossens, Director of Clinical Pathology at Antwerp's University Hospital said, "We consider that there's a credible threat for a pandemic also in Europe,"

"Now, fortunately, we know the sequence, the Chinese released that information 10 days ago and a test has been validated by European researchers," he said.

"The sequencing data was released very fast, the diagnostics test was developed very fast and we're already discussing the clinical protocol. I've never seen this kind of response in previous epidemics or pandemics," he added.