First Kuppam visit after defeat: Chandrababu slams voters, calls partymen coverts

Thu Jan 06 2022 20:19:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chandrababu, it appears, has not learnt any lesson from the recent failures in elections. He is all fire and brimstone on the TDP workers and slammed them for 'not doing enough' for the party victory. He did not spare the voters either. He said the voters had sold themselves for money. He said that several of the TDP workers had acted as coverts and had helped the YSRCP in the recent elections.

This is his  first visit to Kuppam, the constituency that he represents in the Assembly, after the humiliating defeat in the recent municipal elections. His last visit to Kuppam was October 29 and 30 to campaign for the municipal elections.  Even before the municipal elections, the TDP had tasted defeat at the hands of the YSRCP in the panchayat, ZPTC and MPTC elections.

Instead of trying to rebuild the party and learn the lessons from the defeat, Chandrababu was his usual imperious self, commented a political observer During his speeches, he blamed the voters for the TDP defeat and said that they voted for the YSRCP in lieu of money. He said several TDP leaders had also sold themselves, he said.  He said he knew who betrayed the party and said he would not leave them. He said he had ruled the state for 22 years and knew how to buy votes.