First Of Its Kind: Employees Move Governor Against Government!

Thu Jan 19 2023 19:27:14 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

There is no need for an introduction to the financial status of Andhra Pradesh. The economy is not in a good shape. The government is taking debts but the majority of funds are being diverted to welfare schemes. The employees who felt that Jagan will scrap the contributory pension scheme (CPS) gave them a big shock.

Forget about their demands, the employees are not even getting salaries and other benefits on time. The beneficiaries are eagerly waiting for the pensions to get on time. The situation is such that the government is giving salaries and other benefits only when it gets debt.

The employees carried out a successful protest in the form of 'Chalo Vijayawada'. The employees hit the roads demanding a hike in their pay scale. Employees and teachers made the protest successful. However, the demands of employees are not fulfilled fully.

Even a successful protest cannot make the government pay the salaries on time. As a big step from the employees' side, they are believed to have reached Andhra Pradesh Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan in this regard to seek his intervention to address the issue.

AP Employees Association President KR Suryanarayana, Secretary Bhaskarrao, and others met the Governor. They said that salaries, GPF, and CPS are pending for a long time and they want the clearance of the dues at the earliest.

Usually, the opposition leaders complain to the Governor against the government for any misuse of power. We have seen this in Andhra Pradesh many times. But the first of its kind, government employees moved the Governor against the government on the issues they are facing.

Speaking to the media the employees said that the government cheated them on PRC and they are also not even getting the DAs. They asked why the government is pushing the last date to clear the dues regularly.

It appears that Governor is the only option left for the government employees for their dues. As they have complained about their issue the employees are hopeful that they might get a big relief in this and that the dues are cleared. Let us see what happens next.