Viral: Flyer Threw Hot Water On Air Hostess!

Fri Aug 16 2019 22:51:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a bizarre incident, Chinese Passenger thrown hot water on a Air Hostess on an Air Asia Flight.

Nuralia Mazlan who is an Air Asia Flight Attendant narrated the humiliating experience faced by one of her colleagues on a flight. She disclosed a female passenger had thrown a cup of boiling hot water from cup noodles on the face of her colleague just because her boyfriend was sitting away from her in the flight. While sharing the picture of her Colleague, The Quora User informed hot water was thrown on the face of Thai Stewardess for informing she can't sit next to her boyfriend due to full occupancy in the flight and nobody is willing to change their seat for her. She then advised couples to book seats appropriately to be seated next to each other because the system doesn't know if they are so desperate.

The Chinese Passenger who is ill-mannered yelled at the Air Hostess after throwing hot water on her face. She got even more aggressive when the other crew members tried to calm down the situation. The Lady's Boyfriend even dared to blow up the plane during the argument.

Soon after the landing, The Female Passenger was taken into custody by the Airport Security Personnel. She was let off after imposing a ban from travelling on Air Asia flights.

Nuralia Mazlan complained people treating Air Hostesses like sub-human just because they wear uniform and helpless is unacceptable.