For This Financial Year AP Borrowed More Loans Than Telangana!

Mon Jul 25 2022 18:12:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

The alleged debts of the states in India took a political turn as the states which are believed to have taken debts in high numbers are alleging that the union government is trying to target the states in the name of the debts taken by the states. The debt issue has now reached Parliament.

Senior Telangana leader Uttam Kumar Reddy, who is serving as the Nalgonda Lok Sabha member has raised the same point in the parliament. The Parliamentarian sought details on the debts taken by the Telugu states.

Based on the details given by the Union government, both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh took loans in similar numbers for this financial year. As of March 31st, 2022, Telangana took a loan of around 3.12 lakhs, while the fellow Telugu state Andhra Pradesh borrowed 3.98 lakhs for this year.

Though both states took a loan of more than 3 lakh crores for this year, Andhra Pradesh took more loans and even beat Telangana. Both states are carrying out welfare schemes catering to various communities in the respective states.

The majority of the borrowings go into these schemes. However, Telangana has a balance as it is not just banking on these schemes. The IT corridor is a big asset for the state and international companies are showing interest to come to Hyderabad city.