For Uttam Kumar Reddy KTR is a "Dynamic" leader

Mon Jul 06 2020 11:05:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president Uttam Kumar Reddy has mastered the art of confusing his own party leaders with his statements and actions. The other day, he attended a meeting in Nalgonda, where he suddenly praised TRS working president KTR. This has left several Congressmen flabbergasted. They looked at him  with shock and surprise.

Many Congress leaders did not understand why Uttam Kumar Reddy was praising KTR. He called KTR a dynamic leader. His praise would only go on to strengthen the TRS further and would be used by the political rivals to attack the Congress Party.   No wonder, many Congress leaders took objection to this comment. Some have even collected the news clippings that highlighted his comments and forwarded them to the Congress High Command. The Congress high command is now studying the issue.

Some supporters of Uttam Kumar Reddy however, are arguing that what Uttam had said about KCR was in a sarcastic and heckling tone and the media had misrepresented his comments. They argue that there was no way Uttam will praise KTR, his arch foe. But, Uttam himself is unavailable for comments.