Forgetting its duty, AP Govt making RTC Drivers Accountable?

Mon May 16 2022 14:38:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

After an intense and long protest, the road transport body in Andhra Pradesh was taken into the government control making it a government body. When the decision was made the employees who were on cloud nine would have not thought that in coming days they would face serious issues.

As a big issue to the drivers at the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation(APSRTC), they will have to face the music if the buses won't give mileage. If the buses record less mileage,the drivers will be held accountable for that reportedly.

Showing stars to the APSRTC, the Andhra Pradesh government had reportedly stepped in to measure the mileage of various buses run by the transport body. By recording the average of the kilometres the bus gives per liter fuel, the authorities are reportedly checking the fuel consumed by the vehicle. If the vehicle consumes more fuel, the amount will be reportedly cut from the concerned drivers.

A few drivers have already faced that after they received notices asking them to come with a reason on why the extra expenditure on fuel should not be recovered from the drivers.

Having a record on the money spent on the fuel is good. But the government should also keep one this is mind that the mileage of the APSRTC buses will be based on other factors which will not be in the hands of the drivers.

The condition of the roads,the condition of the buses play a key role in this. Earlier, we have heard stories about how bad the roads are in the state.

On top of this, the buses run by APSRTC are very old. The major share of the buses of the RTC are old and are not in good condition. So it is foolish to say that they consumed extra fuel.

After the news of RTC Drivers being held accountable for the extra consumption of the fuel, many wonder if the Andhra Pradesh Government left its duty and wants to make the drivers face the music. Unless the facilities like roads and fitness of the buses are improved, the mileage cannot be improved.