Former DGP again takes up farmers yatra

Mon Feb 03 2020 11:25:41 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Former JD of the CBI Lakshminarayana is back to the roads. Yes. After his stint with the Jana Sena ended and Pawan Kalyan accepted his resignation from the party, JD is on the roads. He is all set to undertake a yatra for the farmers.

He says he has decided to undertake a yatra across Andhra Pradesh to understand the problems of the farmers. This sounds quite ironical as he has already taken up a longish Padayatra across the state on the farmers issue ahead of the 2019 elections. He toured different places, held meetings with various groups and came up with lot of prescriptions to improve the lot of the farmers. However, why is he taking up the same issue within just one year is the question.

Interestingly, even before his yatra begun, Lakshminarayana has already praised the Union Budget, saying that the allocations to rural development and agriculture were satisfactory. If has already undertaken the yatra once and if he is happy with the allocations to the farm sector, why is he taking up the yatra in the first place? More interestingly, he says he is yet to decide which party to join, while everyone knows that he is all set to join the BJP.