Former mayor, key politicians involved in Tollywood drugs case?

Fri Sep 17 2021 19:06:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

The political circles are jittery over the reports emanating from the ED sources, which are probing the Tollywood drug case. Some names of prominent politicians too are being heard in the case. It has now come to light that a former mayor of Hyderabad had invested in the Gachibowli-based F Club, which is now emerging as the epicentre of the drugs case.

While one does not for sure which former mayor is involved, he is said to have invested heavily. The names of some other politicians are also being heard. There are said to be several politicians who have transferred amounts to the alleged touts, peddlers and handlers. A prominent politician is said to have been involved in the hawala transactions between the drug peddlers and the end-users. The sleuths have not revealed the name so far. But, several politicians are said to be spending sleepless nights over the issue.

Last year, the Hyderabad police conducted questioning of several important Tollywood personalities. But, later, it appeared that the whole thing was hushed up. The authorities had even given a clean chit to the accused. But, dogged efforts by the Hyderabad- based Forum for Good Governance and its advocate Rachana Reddy  has forced the authorities to reopen the case and conduct investigations again.

This time around, actress Rakul Preet Singh has been added to the list of those who were questioned.  The sleuths say key information was given by several handlers like Zeeshan Ali, Kelvin and others. Sources say that the links are ending up at the door of the politicial leaders. At least a couple of names are doing the rounds. Needless to say, the politicians are spending sleepless nights.