Four Incidents That Exposed KCR's Weakness

Mon Sep 09 2019 10:01:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

He may have over 100 MLAs and he may be the lord of all he surveys. But, it appears that hard times  have begun for KCR. Four incidents in a row have shown that despite the majority he enjoys, KCR is weak and is vulnerable. He is not as strong as he looks to be.

Firstly, his trusted lieutenant Etela Rajender rebelled and KCR could do nothing about it. He could not take any action. Neither was Etela removed from the ministry nor chided. KCR kept silent, while his son rushed to meet Etela and placated him. Manakondur MLA Rasamayi Balkishan has openly supported Etela and this was a signal that Etela is not alone and that he has the support of a significant chunk of MLAs.

Secondly, there was open sloganeering in support of Harish Rao as minister. Despite being denied a ministry, Harish Rao still is immensely popular and his supporters broke 1116 coconuts praying that he be made the CM. This is an open threat to KCR. Yet, KCR could not take any action against him. What more, Harish had to be admitted into the ministry to ensure that there is no rebellion in the party.

Thirdly, Tamilisai Saundararajan's appointment as governor without any consultation with KCR was seen as Centre's disenchantment with him. It clearly showed that KCR is not the favourite of the Modi-Shah combine anymore.

Fourthly, the Yadadri pillars controversy broke out at the most inopportune time. What more, despite having a bulldozer majority in both the Assembly and the Council, he had to meekly surrender, remove all the pillars. What did he gain in return? A lot of bad publicity.

Now, the question being asked in the political circles is - have bad times started for KCR.