Four seats... two leaders... one problem

Tue Jul 13 2021 18:57:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Both CM YS Jagan and Opposition leader Chandrababu have the same kind of problem. The problem is what to do with those four MLA seats. Both Jagan and Chandrababu are facing the same kind of dilemma. The MLA seats in question are the seats where the MLAs have won on the TDP ticket but have later joined the YSRCP camp.

The MLAs are Vasupalli Ganesh (Vizag South), Karanam Balaram (Chirala), Maddali Giri (Guntur West) and Vallabhaneni Vamsi (Gannavaram).All the four have won on the TDP ticket. But, in the later developments, they all joined the YSRCP. However, Jagan Mohan Reddy is quite clear that any defector will have to resign his seat and seek re-election. But since the MLAs are not ready to seek re-election, they are currently working as associate members of the YSRCP.

So far so good. The real problem began after that. In all these four constituencies, the YSRCP has its own leaders and candidate. These are not ready to accept the 4 MLAs as their leaders. In some cases, Jagan himself had to intervene to pacify the two groups. Now that they have become part of the YSRCP, there is every possibility of getting YSRCP ticket in 2024. Already, these MLAs are getting the protocol honours. This has become a cause of disquiet in the party.

For Chandrababu, these four constituencies are becoming huge headaches. He is unable to find replacements for the four MLAs He is also not sure as to whether the TDP vote bank is intact or has migrated to the YSRCP. Giving ticket to YSRCP rebels would be suicidal as the hard core TDP voters might not support them. Secondly, there is no guarantee that the winning MLAs will remain in the TDP.

Interestingly, no one is talking about the fifth MLA – Rapaka Varaprasad, who too shifted to the YSRCP. He is from the Jana Sena. In fact, he is the sole representative of the Jana Sena. Reports say that Rapaka has already been told that he might not get the ticket in 2024. Jagan reportedly indicated that Rapaka’s son would be given the ticket instead.