Fresh Covid cases remain below one lakh for the Sixth Straight Day

Sun Jun 13 2021 13:39:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Over the past week, India has been taking the path of the downtrend in fresh Coronavirus cases. Following the same trend, India has reported fewer new infections for one time in the past 24 hours.

80,834 more people were found infected with respiratory disease across the country, which marks the lowest cases since April 2. The total number of infections in the country rose to over 2.93 crore. For the sixth day in a row, India logged less than one lakh cases.

The total number of Coronavirus recoveries has zoomed to a whopping 2,80,43,446, with a national recovery rate of 95.36 percent, including 1,32,062 patients being declared cured and getting discharged from the hospitals.

Compared to Saturday, India saw a big dip in fresh fatalities with 3,303 patients passing away on June 13, taking the Covid death toll to 3,70,384. The other day, 4,004 patients breathed their last due to the pandemic.

Tamil Nadu clocked 15,108 new Covid cases on June 13, the highest for any state in the country, followed by Kerala, Maharashtra, and Karnataka with 13,832, 10,697, and 9,785 respectively.

The ongoing Covid virus which has spread its wings to around 200 nations across the globe has left over 176.3 million infected and claimed a total of 3,810,045 lives. The United States, India, Brazil, France, and Turkey are the severely hit nations in the world.