From Metro to haleem, businesses are down

Wed Apr 28 2021 18:35:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Latest Covid crisis has turned out to be destroyer for the businesses. The mood in the market is gloomy and sullen. Even small businesses seem to be affected by the Covid scare. Estimates say that the market has suffered losses to a tune of Rs 5 lakh crore due to the second wave. The customer footfalls have come down by a staggering 80 per cent.

Even in Hyderabad, the situation is no different. This being the Ramzaaan season, the hotel and haleem industry in the twin cities has suffered hugely due to the night curfew imposed in the city.Market sources say that the business this year is only 20 per cent of the normal haleem season. Even last year, the Haleem sales were completely washed out due to Covid lockdown. This has hit the local haleem trade the hardest.

Meanwhile, the metro rail too is on a downslide. Authorities say that less than one lakh people are using the Metro rail these days. Till March this year, around 2 lakh people per day had used the Metro rail service. However, now the number of passengers has gone below one lakh. Sources say the Metro authorities are contemplating to slash the number of services.

They now want to run fewer services to ensure that they are economically viable. The usage of Uber and Ola services too has shown a decline. More people seem to be preferring to travel by their personal vehicles.