Viral: Funniest Oath-Talking Ever!

Thu Jun 13 2019 17:07:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

On the first day of Assembly Session, All the 175 Elected MLAs in Andhra Pradesh took the oath in the House. The manner in which a Legislator took the oath in AP Assembly made all the members shell shocked. MLA in focus is YCP Member M Babu who is representing Puthalapattu Constituency in Chittoor District.

Much to everyone's shock, Not even a single sentence uttered by M Babu made any sense. He failed to pronounce a single word properly and there is no connection what-so-ever between any two words.

M Babu should have done the homework to avoid such blunders while taking the oath. The manner in which he took the oath has embarrassed all of his party members.

If he isn't comfortable speaking Telugu, M Babu should have preferred the language of his choice to take the oath instead of making a mockery of himself. This could be the costliest mistake of his political career.