GHMC Elections: Why Voters Are Not Showing Interest In Cast Their Votes?

Tue Dec 01 2020 18:10:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) elections didn't create much buzz among the voters in the pearl city Hyderabad as the voting percentage before the lunch hour stood at less than 20 percent.

The experts opined that slowly the percentage will rise. Despite the voting percentage witnessing an increase in voting percentage from 4.2 during the initial hours to 18.2 percent by the lunch hour, one wonders why the voters are not showing much interest.

Reports claimed that educated voters and the working-class employees, especially the software employees didn't show interest to come to the polling booths and cast their vote right.

According to the data, the areas which enjoy a good share of IT Employees have reported less percent of voting share. Chandanagar division witnessed 31.08 percent, while Alwin Colony witnessed the least voting percentage with 3.85 percent.

The previous two elections in 2009 and 2016 registered less than 50 percent vote percent. Going by the current vote percent, it seems like it is very hard to reach the previous vote percent.

A Hyderabadi put the local voters to shame by coming all the way from Australia to cast his vote in the ongoing elections. When he came from Australia, why can't the voters step out of their houses?

The voters' response in some voting centers is so poor that the personnel who were roped in to see the voting process were snapped sleeping inside the polling booths. This sheds light on how the voters are batting a blind eye towards voting.