GHMC Fines The Minister, But Know How Much?

Sun Feb 16 2020 18:50:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

The GHMC, it appears, is getting tough with violators these days. It seems determined to penalise the violators even if they are VIPs and Ministers. The case in the point is the recent imposition of penalty on Minister for Cinematography Talasani Srinivasa Yadav.

The GHMC has taken a serious view of the putting up of flexi posters all over the city by the supporters of the minister. He had put up posters lauding TRS boss and CM KCR. The posters were everywhere in the city. The posters were with regard to the massive tree plantation drive planned by the TRS on Chandrasekhar Rao's birthday. Talasani is personally monitoring these arrangements. But, the GHMC felt the posters and the flexis have disfigured the city and imposed a fine on Talasani.

So far so good. The GHMC is finally showing its teeth and proving that it has a spine to even fine the VIPs. But, there's an anti-climax. The fine amount makes one roll over the floor laughing. The amount is just Rs 500. Remember, the GHMC has fined some private companies to a tune of several lakhs for the same offence. If this is'nt a mere rap on the knuckles, then what is?