Why GHMC Is Happy With Illegal Hoardings?

Wed Apr 07 2021 10:41:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

The GHMC is so cash starved that it is trying to use up every resource available to mop up funds. It is now planning to sell the material it has seized illegal banners, posters and hoardings. According to the GHMC sources, the administration is planning to auction the seized illegal hoardings.

At least over 20000 hoardings have been seized from the GHMC area in recent times. In fact, during the election time, over 50000 such illegal hoardings were removed. All these seized hoardings are being currently stored in a godown in the Begumpet. The GHMC has also levied a penalty of Rs 4.71 crore on those who have erected the illegal hoardings. Now the GHMC is planning to auction the scrap, which includes venyl sheets, iron filings and iron frames. It feels that this could fetch a decent revenue for the GHMC.

The GHMC wants to sell this material as scrap and is now planning to fix a rate for the scrap. The scrap is also being weighed now. The GHMC hopes to get a decent revenue from the sale of this seized material.