GST Effect: Price Bomb to Explode in Common Man's Kitchen!

Wed Jun 29 2022 17:38:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

The prices of pulses, cooking gas and edible oil have reached the highest point breaking the backbone of common people. Now the price bomb is all set to explode in the kitchen as a few items were removed from the goods & services tax relaxation list making them a bit costly.

As per the information, the items that go into the kitchen like curd, lassi, buttermilk, and paneer will turn costly as they come along with a five percent of Goods and Services Tax. The GST Council met for a key meeting today and the decision to drop a few items was taken at the meeting.

The common people will be affected by the new decision taken by the Council. Food grains, honey, and other items will also attract GST increasing their usual cost.

Rice, flattened rice, parched rice, pappad, panner, foodgrains, honey, cereal, unfrosted coffee, beans, unprocessed green tea, and wheat bran will be facing the GST tax of not less than five percent.

At the time of announcing the GST, the union government said that it will help the consumers to get the goods at a lesser price. But in reality, the items became costly. Having food at the eateries is costing a bomb now. The GST increases the prices as the items face two taxes, one is the state tax and the second one is the central tax.

Not just that, even the meat will be costlier now. From hereafter, the labeled meat barring the frozen meat, and fish will come with the Good and Service Tax. It is the common people who will have to face the heat now.