How AP Was Left In The Lurch In Lok Sabha?

Sat Jul 21 2018 12:54:28 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The No Confidence Motion was intended to highlight the 'injustice' done to Andhra Pradesh. But, it ended up as a totally wasteful exercise and the issue was the least talked one during the lengthy debate. The issue could not get traction and as a result redressal of the grievances remained undone. AP could not gain anything from the whole exercise.

Rahul Gandhi's whole speech did not contain any mention of the issue. He focused only on national issues. The other leaders of various other parties too did not even bother to mention AP issue. Almost everyone concentrated on national issues. This is being seen as a complete failure of the TDP in bring round various parties to focus on AP. The TDP has failed to highlight Polavaram . Quite interestingly, the TDP members used the same arguments that YS Jagan had made. The TDP scoffed at these arguments earlier. For instance, TDP MP Jay Galla said that the 14th Finance Commission has never said that a state should not be given special status. This was what Jagan said in AP Assembly. It was ridiculed by the TDP then.

Then came Modi's speech, which ensured that Chandrababu was not left even a fig leaf to cover its shame. Modi exposed Chandrababu saying that he had agreed for special package and had even passed a resolution supporting special package.

In the end, the TDP could not even influence TMC, SP, BSP and NCP and none of these parties made even a passing mention of the special status issue. He had sent several teams to various states to explain about the AP’s position. But at the end, none of these parties had consideredhis requests.