Gautham Gambhir Is Missing!

Sun Nov 17 2019 21:36:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Gautham Gambir became Member of Parliament from East Delhi and his fans are upset with his choice to skip Parliamentary Standing Committee Meet for Cricket Commentary.

Basically, his loud mouth and over aggression did bring such strong trolls for him and AAP Party members could have a hand in the trolls becoming popular.

We saw Balakrishna getting such treatment in Hindupur several years ago because he missed few months review meetings at the constituency. But he is re-elected as MLA from same area in 2019.

Gautham Gambhir is being targeted and trolled because he said his priority will always be his duties as an Indian Citizen and politics became his choice because of that.

So, people are asking him why couldn't he attend anti-Pollution meet on 15th November and because of his popularity, he is receiving more flack while no one attended it and the meeting had to be postponed.

Now, these posters read that Gambhir was last seen eating jilebis in Indore and if anybody finds him, he should be sent to Delhi, immediately. This seems to be new age political battle between BJP and AAP in the state capital. Let's see how will GG reply to all this.