Get Me A Girlfriend Youth Sends A Request To MLA

Tue Sep 14 2021 14:04:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

People come with various kinds of demands to the elected people's representatives like the MLAs and the MPs. They come for things like road repairs to leaky drains. They come for recommendations and discounts in admissions. But one enterprising youth shocked his elected people's representative with a strange request. The request had the MLC flummoxed. Want to know what the request is? Read on.

Subhash Dhote, an MLA from chandrapur in Maharashtra received a strange request from one of the voter in his constituency. The youth, identified as Bhushan Jhamuvant, asked for a girl friend. He said that though there are several girls in his area, they are not interested in him. He said with every girl spurning his offer, he was feeling depressed and down. He said due to this, he has lost his self-confidence.

He further said that even vagabonds and rowdy-sheeters in his area have girl friends, but not he.  Seeing others moving with their girlfriends on bikes makes him very jealous. So, he requested the MLA to arrange for a girl friend for him. He said he was pinning his hopes on the MLA as he knows people across the constituency.

The MLA, who was shocked on reading the letter, said that he has asked his party workers to locate the boy so that he could be given counselling. He said that the public at large should not write such letters to elected people's representatives. He said the MLAs are meant for providing amenities and facilities for the people at large.