Viral Video: Girl Students Fight Each Other aggressively!

Wed May 18 2022 15:23:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Students studying in schools are expected to bring a good name to the institution and parents by scoring good marks and grades in the exams. But a few students surprised everyone by indulging in a physical fight that too in front of the school campus. The parents present at the scene did not stop them.

Going into detail, a video that is doing rounds on social media shows a few girl students attacking each other fiercely by holding each other's heads. The issue was reported from the Karnataka capital city Bengaluru. Though there is no information on the school attended by the students, it is said that they are students of the famous Bishop Cotton Girls' School.

The girls created a rampage in the video by giving their best in attacking others. While a few girls attacked others by slapping and pulling each other's hair, a girl went a few steps ahead and brought a stick to take on the opponents. The video shows, a girl falling from the staircase while fighting with another girl.

Despite a few trying their best in stopping the girls from fighting, they did not stop and attacked the other girls. Reports also say that the parents of a few students were present on the spot and they did not make any attempt to stop their kids from fighting others.

On the other hand, the school management did not react to the issue and fight involving the girl students yet, reports say. It has been widely reported that two students had some issues, which led to an argument. Things escalated quickly when they began fighting with each other.

Joining the force, the friends and other classmates of both students reportedly the fight and hit others leaving many students injured. Students from another school also joined the fight knowing that their friend is having some issues.

The fight was settled finally when the onlookers stepped in seeing the girls fighting each other and stopped them. After stopping them from fighting further, the onlookers sent the girls away. If the fight had not been stipped, then it would have been a disaster.