Shocking: Girl who Received Pandemic Vaccine Is Not Russian President's Daughter!

Wed Aug 12 2020 17:52:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

The other day Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia registered a vaccine to cure the ongoing pandemic which is a first of its kind and even claimed one of his daughters received the vaccine.

Though the president didn't mention whether his elder daughter or younger daughter received the vaccine the President said her daughter is doing well after receiving the vaccine.

A major twist in the tale appeared when Netizens claim that this is an old and fake video and the girl who appeared in this video is not Putin's daughter but a volunteer.

Netizens even shared the old video which is being circulated now in the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin's daughter receiving the vaccine produced by Russia.

Let's see how Russian President and other leaders respond to these claims. We will get more information once the official statement in this regard is issued.