Gloomy Gowdas Offer Little Solace To Babu Garu

Wed May 22 2019 16:12:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

The famed Gowdas of Karnataka are completely downcast. There are reports that grandson Nikhil Kumaraswami Gowda is all set to lose to BJP-backed Sumalatha. Even Deva Gowda's victory is uncertain. The exit polls are giving out negative reports. As for the other grandson, things aren't looking all that rosy. Every survey says that the BJP is all set to sweep Karnataka and will leave just four to five seats for others. The Congress too may meet the same fate.

In view  of these negative reports, Devegwda is busy visiting temples to pray to the almight. Kumaraswami is unsure of the continuance of his government. So, he has limited himself to Bengaluru.

Even in such conditions, our dear Chandrababu is not leaving them. He has invited the Gowdas to the anti-EVM rally of the opposition. But, Kumaraswamy has decided that holding the fort in Bengaluru is more important than fighting in Delhi. So, he chose to stay back in Bengaluru. But, Chandrababu did not leave him even then. Soon after the Delhi protest, Chandrababu rushed to Bengaluru. But, Kumaraswamy did not have much to offer to him. Tough we are not sure what transpired at the meeting, we do know that the news is not good for Babu Garu.