Good Business For Losing Candidates From Telangana

Sun Mar 17 2019 14:22:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

A slew of jeeps are moving on the sly in the dead of the night and they wind their way from Telangana to Vijayawada. The open top jeeps are being noticed by many people . They are painted with the colours of the main political parties, with flags, images of the leaders and party symbols. These vehicles are in TDP colours and in YSRcP colours.

A closer enquiry will reveal that these vehicles are meant for political campaign and contrary to the rumours, they do not belong to just the ruling TRS. They belong to various parties - the winners and the losers. It is being rumoured that there is great demand for these fully-fitted and furnished vehicles. One only has to change the party symbols and paint the party colours to use them for the campaign in Andhra Pradesh. So, the candidates from AP are buying these cars for low prices and are using them for their campaign in AP. It's a candidate to candidate transaction and has nothing to do with one party selling it for another  party. Many of the losing candidates are selling these vehicles to make up for the losses they incurred during the Telangana elections.