Good Initiative: Tele Tuitions For Telangana Students

Thu Nov 28 2019 10:10:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

We always talk politics and starry-eyed Tollywood. But, here's something different. The Telangana Government's education department is soon going to offer free tuition to the students of the Government schools over telephone. This 'Tele Educaton' will help the students from the poor, middle class and rural students studying in the government educational institutions.

Many students have lot of doubts in the lessons taught in the classroom but are afraid to ask questions and get their doubts cleared. They cannot also afford private tuitions. Due to this, they perform poorly in the examinations. To help such students, the education department is planning to provide tele teachers. All that the students have to do is to call up the tele teachers and seek clarifications.  This is a win win proposition as teachers get additional income and the students get their doubts clarified. To help the students, the tele teachers would be available only after 6 pm. The students can call up the teachers before 8 pm to seek guidance. The tele teacher system would be available for the students of Class 8, 9 and 10.

As of now, the tele teachers system is in place in Maharashtra and the results have been very encouraging. Now the Telangana Government is planning to extend the same facility to the students of the government educational institutions in the state.