Gorantla Madhav Issue Shows How Dirty Politics Would Go!

Fri Aug 12 2022 12:39:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hindupur YCP MP Gorantla Madhav's alegged video is still raising the political heat. At a time when the opposition parties are lashing out at the MP and the ruling party over the issue, the Superintendent of Police made sensational comments saying that the video is not original and this could be a morphed one.

However, the Telugu Desam Party is not leaving any stone unturned to target Gorantla Madhav on the controversy. The grand old party is asking the police department why the phone of MP was not seized as doing so would be a big breakthrough in cracking the case.

The issue shed light on the dirty politics in the state as the ruling YSRCP started a counter-attack against former IT Minister Nara Lokesh. Members of the women wing of YCP made sensational allegations against Nara Lokesh that he reportedly made his servant maid pregnant.

In a bid to support Gorantla Madhav in the issue, the women wing leaders launched a counterattack. Talking about the VRO Vanajakshi issue, the YCP women wing members asked what happened to the TDP when the issue happened.

Women leaders making these allegations against Nara Lokesh is what no one would expected. With the Gorantla Madhav issue turning intense with each passing day, the YCP is in a tight spot and the women wing leaders are now raising these allegations against Nara Lokesh.

Gorantla Madhav might be a ruling party MP, but the controversy involving him is increasing the political heat and the YCP is facing severe criticism for that. The issue was taken to Parliament as well by the TDP. Seeking strict action against Gorantla Madhav, Telugu Desam Party complained to the Lok Sabha speaker.

Moreover, Gorantla Madhav used objectionable language to hit back at the opposition leaders and pro-Telugu Desam Party media for targeting him. Stressing the point that cops dubbed the video as a morphed one, Gorantla Madhav said he would strip in front of opponents so that they would get clarity.

As if it was not enough, the YCP women wing leaders made objectionable allegations against Nara Lokesh. The Gorantla Madhav issue showed how dirty state politics would go.