Telangana: Government Order to restrict hospital charges is too little, too late?

Wed Jun 23 2021 19:03:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's an open secret that the private hospitals and facilities across the country have charged a bomb from the patients to provide treatment for the patients. With the facilities charging lakhs in the name of treatment, incidents of patients taking extreme steps were also reported.

To see that no such incidents take place again, the Telangana Government on Wednesday had issued Government Order(G.O) No 40 which aims at keeping a limit for the charges charged by the facilities for various treatments,

The G.O says, charges of Rs 7,500 and Rs 4,000 were fixed for ICU word per day for with and without Ventilator facility respectively.ICU facility charges, including Ventilator, was fixed at Rs 9k per day.

The charges of HRCT should not exceed Rs 1,995, while the prices of other tests were fixed at Procalcitonin(1,400),Digital X-Ray(1,300), IL 6(1,300),Ferritin(400) and  D-Dimer(800).

In addition to this, the ambulance charges were fixed at Rs 2,000 towards the minimum charges. While the ambulance charges with basic life-supporting and advanced life-supporting systems were fixed at Rs 75 and Rs 125 respectively per kilometer.

However, the new GO has received mixed reactions from the netizens as they feel that it is too little too late to bring a G.O to cap the hospital charges as the fresh infections have come down and the hospitalisations have also declined.