Government to Increase the Working hours from 8 to 9?

Tue Nov 19 2019 11:44:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP government which is implementing new schemes and new ideas is reportedly trying to implement another historic scheme.

Coming to working rules, Six days of working in a week and 8 hours work is followed throughout our nation. The government is reportedly thinking to change the working hours from 8 to 9 for all the employees and workers who come under union laws.

According to the current laws, working for eight and a half hours is considered one working day. Half an hour is dedicated to the lunch break. According to the new alleged salary code, working hours are fixed for 9 hours.

The government has finalized six rules for this basic salary code. The Department of labor has asked employees and workers working in various departments to send their opinion on this new scheme through E-mail.

The employees can tell their opinion on the increase of working hours. The opinions can be sent to Deputy Director of Labor Department Rajeev Ranjan and assistant Director Bikash Kumar Malik through the mail.