Govt Employees Over The Moon, RTC Workers Down In The Dumps

Wed Jun 16 2021 11:34:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

One is feeling happy and elated while the other is whining and wailing. This is the situation in Telangana these days. While the Government employees are over the moon what with the PRC being implemented and salaries being hiked, the TRS employees are facing uncertain future.

Half of June is over  and they are yet to get their salaries for the month of May. The salaries of the RTC employees, numbering around 50000, are yet not credited into the respective SB accounts. The RTC authorities are looking towards the Government to bail them out by providing some financial assistance. For the government employees, there is a pay hike of 30 per cent thanks to the implementation of the new PRC. But for the RTC employees, for whom two PRCs are still pending, there is not hike. Not just that. Even their regular salaries remain unpaid. The RTC needs at least Rs 118 crore to pay the salaries and arrears of its employees. But due to the lockdown, there is practically no income to the transport corporation.

Normally, the TSRTC gets up to Rs 13 crore every day.  Now the daily income is less than Rs 2 crore. A large number of inter-state services have been stopped. As a result, the RTC is in dire straits. It is now not in a position to pay the salaries of its employees. It is now waiting for the State government to help financially to help pay the salaries.