Govt Must Give Compensation: High Court Tells AP Govt!

Tue Nov 22 2022 15:41:20 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Andhra Pradesh government suffered a big shock with the orders of the High Court. The Court also found fault with the state government for not paying the compensation by citing reasons. Hearing the petition filed by a big Tollywood producer the High Court of Andhra Pradesh directed Sarkar to grant the compensation.

The producer who filed the petition is Chalasani Aswani Dutt, who gave classic films to the industry. To challenge the government's behavior of not giving the compensation it was supposed to give he knocked on the doors of the High Court and got a big relief.

Going into details, the previous Telugu Desam Party proposed the idea of expanding the Gannavaram Airport keeping future needs in mind. As it required massive land the government went for land pooling as it did with the Amaravati capital idea. The landowners were offered certain compensation.

With the government making this proposal and offering compensation on top of this, the landowners gave their lands. The owners include Aswani Dutt too. He gave 39 acres of land he has for the extension work. Around 700 acres of land were gathered and handed over to the Airports Authority of India.

But the landowners started facing difficulties with the change in government. After the YSRCP came into power it stopped giving compensation. Not happy with this, Aswani Dutt moved the High Court with a petition seeking directives to make the government pay the compensation.

Hearing the petition, the High Court reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of the government and said that compensation should be given to people who gave their lands for a cause.

The Bench reportedly said that the government has to give compensation to people who gave their lands and said the government cannot cite reasons for delaying the payment of compensation. The bench asked the Revenue department when the government can pay the yearly compensation.

The bench made these comments during the hearing the other day and the petition would be heard today as well. Now all eyes are on the petition to know what the bench will say on the compensation issues.