Graduate MLC Elections: NGO Unions, Gazetted Officers In Catch-22 Situation

Thu Feb 25 2021 10:12:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TRS government, which adopted a defiant attitude towards the Government employees and has even replaced them with private employees for election duties, is now prostrating before them. Two back-to-back election reversals have jolted the TRS. Now it feels that the support of the government employees is a must to win the MLC elections and the municipal elections.

The TRS is reportedly trying to convince the NGO and Gazetted Officers union leaders to support the party in the upcoming elections. It is also said to be trying to remind them of the joint role they played during the Telangana agitation. However, the union leaders are not confident that the employees will listen to them. They are worried that they might even face a revolt from the employees if they ask them to support the TRS. The employees are sore at the way they were treated all these years. They feel that the TRS has done nothing for them. Even on issues like the PRC and fitment, they feel that the government has cheated them.

The union leaders are now said to be caught in a cleft stick. If they openly support the government, they will be rejected by the employees. If they either stay mute or join hands with the employees, the TRS government will punish them in times to come.