Group Politics in YCP: Will Telugu Desam Party Gain From It?

Thu Jul 28 2022 16:58:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

The leaders joining other parties leaving the party they had traveled with will face a tough time settling in. They will be seen as newcomers and outsiders and the existing leaders might not like them and the leaders will end up facing issues. The ruling YSRCP is suffering from a similar situation.

The serving MLA and an ex-Minister don't have friendly relations and the issues are going on for quite some time. The issue had reached a point where both leaders have their own set of supporters and followers who lock horns with each other.

It has been widely reported that Jammalamadugu MLA's supporters and former Minister Rama Subbaa Reddy's supporters fought with each other which left many sustaining serious injuries.

It is said that things are not going well between the duo for quite some time. Rama Subba Reddy and Sudheer Reddy fought each other in the 2019 polls, while the latter emerged victorious in the elections, Later, the former joined the YSRCP leaving his Telugu Desam Party. Since then, the duo is said to have issues and the issue reached peaks as both sides attacked each other.

This is not a good sign for the party. Leaders from the same party fighting each other will make the party weak and the other side will get benefited from this. On the other hand, the opposition Telugu Desam Party is looking for such constituencies where the YCP is having issues. If the issue is not addressed then YCP will lose and TDP would gain.