PK - A Political Freelancer Without Character!

Fri Jan 17 2020 13:48:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anakapalle MLA Gudiwada Amarnath breathed fire on Pawan Kalyan for changing alliance partners as per his convenience. He didn't hesitate to say, Jana Senani neither have character nor commitment to serve the people. Pawan Kalyan doesn't have an ideology but he is desperate to get hold of the power. He is just a Political Freelancer.

The YCP Legislator opined '3' is the lucky number of Pawan Kalyan and that is why he is dreaming about the '3rd Alternative' in Andhra Pradesh. 'Not just while facing the camera, Pawan Kalyan is acting much better in the presence of public. He need to reveal to the people of AP what assurance did BJP offer on Special Category Status. Has he forgot 'Stale Laddus' jibe on the BJP when Special Assistance was announced for AP? How can he form an alliance with the same party?,' he questioned.

Amarnath anticipates Rajya Sabha nomination for Pawan Kalyan from any of the BJP-ruled states in the near future. Is that one of the conditions placed by Powerstar for the tie-up?

Post the 2019 Elections, Pawan Kalyan didn't take much time to realize that he could do very little fighting alone or with the support of Left Parties or BSP. That is why he decided to join hands with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah who created history in two consecutive elections.