Gujarat Polls: Why This Village Stayed Out Of Elections?

Mon Dec 05 2022 17:28:30 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The general elections in Gujarat started today. As the Election Commission said the polls will be held in two phases, the first phase was held earlier last week and the second phase was started today covering the remaining constituencies. The howl nation is looking at the poll-bound state now.

While everyone is talking about the ongoing elections, the focus is now on a village in the state. There is a reason behind this. The majority of the people in the village boycotted the polls and stayed out of the polls. They are not ready to cast their votes.

The media reports say that Muslim voters in the Undhela village of Kheda district reportedly boycotted the polls. Despite the polling timings coming to an end, they did not step out of their house to use their voting rights. It is said that there is a strong reason behind this.

During the Dasara Navratri event, a few complaints were made against a bunch of locals they reportedly threw stones at the Navratri Garba event. Reports said when a Garba event was held on the temple premises a mob started pelting stones at the devotees.

A few were arrested by the cops. It is also said that a few Muslim men were tied to a pole and thrashed in connection with the allegations. They were also forced to issue an apology as per the reports.

Though everyone forgot what happened the locals did not and decided to stay out of the polls. Reports say that as a bid to show their protest against the treatment the Muslim men faced earlier they boycotted the polls.