Gujarat polls over, Now BJP to focus on Telangana

Fri Dec 02 2022 14:22:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Starting December 6, the BJP national leadership will shift focus on Telangana in the south. On December 5, the second phase of the elections would be over in Gujarat and the BJP leadership would begin to focus on two south Indian states - Karnataka and Telangana. Both the states will go to polls next year.

If sources are to be believed, the BJP leadership strongly feels that it has a fair chance of winning in Telangana. It feels that there is a significant degree of anti-incumbency against the ruling TRS and that if the right kind of candidates are chosen, the BJP can register a facile win.

The party is said to be getting five separate surveys conducted in Telangana to identify the winning candidates in various candidates. The party feels that choosing of winnable candidates is important for a victory. Sources reveal that some ex-MLAs like NVSS Prabhakar have strongly opposed the moves to conduct surveys during he 2018 elections. The high command felt that only two leaders - Kishan Reddy and Raja Singh will win. It turned out that only Raja Singh won and Kishan Reddy lost by a whisker.

This time around, the national leadership is said to be determined to select the candidates only on the basis of the survey results. These surveys would be conducted by independent agencies and the reports would be directly sent to Nadda and Amit Shah.  The high command wants to ensure that there are no fails in the selection of candidates.