Another Mass Shooting Kills An Young Girl In USA!

Sun Aug 25 2019 13:19:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

USA has been a notorious country with gun laws that don't really control people but are killing innocents in mass shooting incidents.

Racial discrimination, loss of stable mind is making people go berserk and shoot anywhere and everywhere.

American Government under Donald Trump is unable to bring strict laws and restrict the destruction.

In another incident on Saturday, Near Soldan High School in St. Louis, Missouri, a lunatic shot randomly outside Chop Suey Restaurant.

Jurnee Thompson, 8 year old was killed in the incident and with her a 64 year old woman, two teenagers lost their lives.

Protestors are asking for gun control and better laws but Government is listening to the strong gun lobby but not to the common people.

Already this is fourth time such an incident took place in Missouri in four months and that too in St. Louis city. Donald Trump is busy golfing in his vacation home for the weekend.