Gun Firing In Theatre Brings US Court Verdict Into Question!

Thu Jun 30 2022 12:21:42 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Theatres offer good entertainment and movie lovers rush to the establishments to get some peace to get rid of their tensions. Unfortunately, movie lovers had an unexpected and horrific experience when a shooter took his gun out and started firing at the audience.

In a shocking turn of events, the famous Marcus Oakdale Cinema in the United States reported a gun firing, and the incident left a person sustaining serious injuries, who was hospitalized to get treatment. Hearing the bullet firing sounds, the crowd inside the theatre started running frantically.

Movie lovers who were sitting at the last end of the theatre got to know about this when people rushed. Tension gripped the area with people who were scared trying to get out of the theatre for safety. A few people who were inside the establishment shared the horrific experience.

Describing the incident, the witnesses said that, all of a sudden they heard gun firing sounds and they were scared. As everyone wanted to get out first, the movie lovers pushed each other while they tried to escape from there.

The incident shed light on the growing gun violence once again. It must be mentioned here that gun-firing incidents are being reported in the United States regularly. After a gun firing incident was reported at a school, the debate on bringing down the growing violence should be addressed at the earliest.

When the United States President Joe Biden's Administration is making efforts in producing a bill that restricts the use of guns by the people in the country, the Supreme Court spoiled the efforts with its historic verdict.

Earlier last week, the Supreme Court in the United States had canceled the law that restricts the people in the New York state from carrying guns. Hearing a petition, the top court in America permitted the people in the state to carry guns without any issue.

Before New York, other states in the United States like California and New Jersey has similar laws which say people can get a license to carry guns and carry them. The new incident brought the Supreme Court verdict into question.