Gun Violence Scare: Telugu Students In US Sustain Injuries!

Mon Jan 23 2023 17:40:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The growing gun culture continues to raise many eyeballs in the United States. Despite the incidents creating terror the law reducing the gun culture or bringing a strict law in this regard is not happening. Experts say that having an easy law to get a gun license is the reason behind the gun culture.

At regular intervals, we see such incidents. In Los Angeles, a mass shooting was reported recently. As if that was not enough another shooting incident was reported in America. This time Indians are victims in this as per the media reports.

As per the media reports, two Indian students became the target of armed robbery. The attackers approached the victims and fired bullets. This happened in Chicago. The attack left the two Indians sustaining serious injuries and undergoing treatment.

The victims are in their twenties. A vehicle approached the duo and started firing. The victims who hail from Telugu land are 22 and 23 respectively. After the attack, they were rushed to a hospital facility for treatment. Though the treatment is going on there is no update on their condition.

No one understands why the Joe Biden administration is not working hard on cutting down gun violence. If a strict law can be introduced making the rules to get a gun license tough then gun violence can be cut short largely. Sadly this has not happened.