Guntur cremation grounds have

Mon May 10 2021 08:43:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Corporates raking in moolah from Covid crisis is well-known. But, what if the Government itself begins to make money out of the covid deaths? The Guntur Municipal Corporation appears to be doing just that.

In the cremation grounds under the control of the Guntur civic body, the bodies are charged differentially. If it's a normal death, the authorities will charge Rs 2100, while in case of Covid deaths, Rs 5100 is charged. More worrisomely, this is not an unofficial rate. This is quite official and the boards at the cremation grounds in the city not just openly advertise these rates, but also bear the name of the Guntur Municipal Corporation.

The notice boards have been clicked by some citizens who have taken to the social media. The boards are now going viral. But, the GMC has not bothered to come out with any clarification on this issue. This is the problem that one has to face when the State becomes a trader.