Hard Luck For Film Star-politicians This Time

Mon May 03 2021 13:07:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

One interesting thing in the elections to the assemblies of the  five states is that most of the film stars who tried their luck went back empty handed. The filmy charisma clearly failed to woo the actors. The voters, who like them as film actors, did not clearly like them as politicians.

For instance, top Malayalam star Suresh Gopi contested the elections from Trissur constituency in Kerala. Despite initial lead, he ended up being third in the contest. Similarly, famed thespian Kamal Haasan, known for superb acting, had lost to the BJP in Coimbatore South. The only consolation was that the majority of the BJP candidate was wafer thin. Actress Khushboo, who contested from Thousand Lights constituency lost to the DMK candidate. In Bengal, though the TMC had won a landslide, film Star Syantika Banerjee lost from Bankura. Actor yash Dasgupta, who contested on a BJP ticket, too lost from Chanditala constituency.

The sole actor, who could buck the trend, was Udayanithi Stalin. Udayanithi, who is son of DMK boss Stalin, had contested from DMK citadel of Chepak and had won by a huge margin of 60000 votes. But in his case, more than the filmy image, it was his pedigree that mattered and clinched the success.