Parents Should Focus More On Male Children: Harish Rao

Tue Dec 03 2019 19:02:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Everyone has shown their anger on the brutal incident of Disha across the nation as many sections in the society started blaming the government and police of their negligence as it is their responsibility to protect the women in the state.

Telangana Finance Minister Harish Rao made some interesting and yet valid comments on this horrific incident.

He started the free breakfast service at the government girls' school in Siddipet under the Satya Sai Annapurna Trust.

Talking about the incident he said it's very painful to hear incidents about this. I am very saddened by this incident. Girls should be given training at the school level itself on how to save themselves from such attacks.

He added that parents should also change their attitude and have to look at what their children are up to. Along with education, boys should be taught values and good behavior with culture. Parents should focus more on sons rather than daughters and raise them properly. They should look after their children.