Harish Rao to be booted out of TRS in six months?

Wed Oct 13 2021 09:29:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dubbak MLA and BJP firebrand Raghunandan Rao's latest comments on Minister Harish Rao are now the talk of the town. Addressing a public meeting in Jammikunta, which is part of  the Huzurabad assembly constituency, he said that Harish Rao too would be sidelined in the TRS. He said that people like him and the youth of Telangana would work for Harish Rao's victory in bypolls when he too is thrown out of the TRS.

Raghunandan sought to know the reason for edging out Eatala Rajender from the TRS. He said that Eatala was sent out of the TRS only because he had worked for the poor people of the state. He said that had Rajender too been corrupt like the other TRS ministers, he would have continued as a minister in KCR's cabinet.

Raghunandan Rao is now on an extensive tour of the Huzurabad assembly constituency to campaign for Eatala Rajender. He pooh-poohed the threats given by the TRS leaders that the pensions of those who vote for the BJP would be stopped. He asked as to how can they cut the pensions when they could not cut the pensions of those who voted for him in Dubbak, He said the pensions were being given from the amount paid by the people in the form of taxes  and they were not paid from KCR's personal fund.

He charged KCR with giving posts only to his family members. “His son is a minister. His daughter is an MLC. His nephew gets an MP seat just because he gives medication on time,” he said. He also pointed out that the TRS is on the wane and would be defeated in the elections.